We help businesses accelerate digital growth and gain competitive advantage in today’s evolving marketplace.

You know your customers. We know the technology to reach them. As we round the corner into pandemic recovery, we can partner with you in predicting and honing in on your business’ biggest growth potential.
Businesses that embrace innovation at speed during the pandemic will succeed. We partner with you to discover how your business can evolve and stay relevant in today’s changing marketplace, meeting customer needs with delightful digital experiences.
With teams across the globe, we work quickly and efficiently, conceptualizing workable solutions through rapid prototyping, delivering affordable solutions to propel your business within 3-6 months.
Your success is our success. Our partnership doesn’t end at launch. We provide detailed documentation, video based training, and 1-3 month support packages that ensure timely iterative reviews and continuous optimization.
1 Var in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked the world’s biggest innovation race, a challenge to reimagine business, digitize services, and adapt to a remote workforce. Fully remote since 2016, we specialize in the unknown and thrive in uncertainty. At our core, we’re creative problem solvers, tech enthusiasts, and purposeful inventors, creating bold solutions and doing what’s never been done before. Our clients span sectors - from retail, financial, healthcare, legal, and HR - and together, we’ve created real solutions to pandemic challenges.

With retail locations closed, we’ve used AI to deliver tailor made suit measurements from a selfie. We’ve bridged the gap between staffing agencies, clients and contractors by enabling contactless job placement using GPS tracking, SMS, and push notifications. When the world began working from home, we helped legal offices and building owners turn weeks of rental agreement review into minutes, all powered by OCR, NLP and AI.

We help businesses thrive both in this new pandemic landscape and in the recovery period ahead by predicting customer needs, discovering business solutions, conceptualizing technical innovations through rapid prototyping, and supporting both technical and non-technical staff in a successful launch with continuous optimization.
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Austin Hughes
Austin Hughes is an innovation leader with 15 years of experience in delivering one-of-a-kind solutions using the latest technologies. He travels throughout the United States and internationally to acquire new clients and speak about how the latest technologies are applicable to specific industries. Austin has developed over 100 solutions for dozens of industries including banking, financial planning, athletics, fashion, firefighting, counseling, media production, manufacturing, gaming, regulation, human resources and others.
Abhishek Shinde
Director of Technology
Abhishek oversees all operations stemming from our Bengaluru (Banglalore) office. He also manages the hiring and development requirements from our clients related to Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Development and Future Technologies. He brings over 14 years of software development and project management experience to our team.
Prashant Khandekar
Director of
User Experience
Prashant manages all user experience processes. He brings over 13 years of experience across all design competencies including visual, content, motion, interaction design, prototyping, and experience journey. Prashant also leads the hiring and execution of mid-project surprise requirements, ensuring all milestones and deadlines are met successfully.
Midhun Sainath
Sr. Software Lead
Midhun is an expert backend innovator with complete knowledge in server side processes and database architecture. His aggressive 7 years of experience stretches from Australia to New York encompassing corporate and classified government protocols. His formidable frontend experience ensures that all software handoffs between the backend and frontend teams are well prepared and executed efficiently.
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