Today, with the new 3D Suit Builder mobile app from My.Suit, customers are in the driver's seat as they design and preview their new personalized suit in real-time. The groundbreaking new mobile application allows customers to easily navigate options and quickly see their choices in 3D, all in one screen. My.Suit developed and implement this one of a kind application. The result is an application as customized as one of My.Suit's tailored suits. A 3D model was designed matched the exact dimensions of My.Suit's signature style, taking great care to the realistic nature of the fabric lines as they move across the jacket, pants and vest. Upon integration, the engineers and contractors to ensure the tablets, computers, televisions and internet worked seamlessly with the captivating experience of the mobile application. You can enjoy designing a custom suit yourself by visiting one of their stores throughout the greater New York City area and in Philadelphia, PA.


iOS, Android, OSX, Windows
3D Product Design
Multi-Touch Movement
36+ Customizable Categories
1,000+ Physical Selections
Proprietary Platform Integration
Multi-Device Connectivity
Remote Option Management
Animated Movements
Lighting Adjustment Controls


Paying attention to the small details provides a high quality and professional experience. This was definitely true when we developed the animations to open the jacket. We took multiple videos of a jacket opening and found the perfect balance of speed and distance that would be true-to-life. We also wanted to provide a welcome feeling as though you were about to slide on the jacket for the first time. We achieved this feeling by designing both sides of the jacket to open simultaneously like french doors.


While in development, My.Suit requested the suit to be relayed in real-time to an Ultra High Definition television positioned vertically in their Philadelphia store before it’s grand opening in June 2014. This would allow their customers to get a life size view of their future suit via a large digital mannequin. The stunning result showcases the suit's fabric, stitching and buttons all at 4 times the resolution of HD.


Some of the most advanced and challenging features are behind the scenes. Like managing the loading of hundreds of fabrics into one screen. Normally the user would be expected to see only a small number of options and click “NEXT” to view additional fabrics. The user can scroll through several gigabytes of fabric images while simultaneously allowing the user to select and view any fabric on the 3D suit in real-time.

“No lag, no waiting, it’s the best it can be, rarely can anyone say that.”
James Hancock, Vice President of Sales at My.Suit