School Zone

Parents in the Middle East are soon to breathe a sigh of relief. The recent death of two students left on buses during the mid-summer heat has sparked much national interest and press on what can be done to ensure the safety of children as they move throughout their school day. MasterCard contracted Synechron to develop the world's first Bluetooth Student Tracking Application. This application will provide schools with a new set of tools to better monitor and communicate with students and parents. A child will activate a Bluetooth wristband in the morning with their parents. As they board buses and travel between classes and rooms at school, the parent can be notified when the child has not kept to their planned schedule.

Presentation Introduction

With only one month to allocate resources, develop a groundbreaking app, and hand deliver it in Dubai; our team exceeded MasterCard's expectations. Everyone involved in this project believes this issue was important enough to present to the local schools this year. From signing the contract in early August 2015, to delivering the tracking section of the app in late August 2015, this project was completed at hyper speed.


iOS, Android
Bluetooth Low Energy
Multi-Device Streaming
Responsive Design