The next time you walk down the medicine isle, you might find it a lot easier to locate the correct medicine for your symptoms. Johnson & Johnson developed the first location activated medical aisle assistant using the bluetooth in our mobile devices. The Beacon Medicine Aisle Demo is an exploratory project to reveal benefits of bluetooth technology in the medicine aisle. The project consist of two devices working together to detect a customer location, and then providing a notification to the user for help locating the correct medicine at that store. The first device, called Broadcaster, sends a bluetooth signal to any surrounding devices within 30 feet. The second device, called Receiver, listens for this signal and detects the distance between itself and the broadcaster. If the listening device notices the distance between both devices being reduced noticeably, then it will send a push notification to the user with the message “Hey, suffering from Cold or Seasonal Symptoms?”. Upon opening the message the user is forwarded to an application where they can search for Johnson & Johnson medicine that match his or her symptoms.


iOS (iPhone & iPad)
Location Services
Product Database
Push Notifications


Johnson & Johnson featured this project at the annual TEDxJNJ event in June of 2014. The booth featured both the Broadcaster and Receiver applications, along with a flash slideshow explaining the functionality and benefits on a 24” vertical 4k display. Also on display was a sample of Johnson & Johnson products and an iPad showcasing the applications capabilities.


The iBeacon was sent using Apple’s latest iPad Air. It features a Play and Pause button to start and stop the bluetooth beacon. Upon starting the beacon, it prompts an alert with the message; “Success. Peripheral manager started broadcasting.”


This project was awarded based on a video Austin submitted where proof of capability was demonstrated within 1 week, and followed by a request to showcase the technology at their TEDxJNJ event. The video on the left showcases the intital video submitted showing basic concept of both the Broadcaster and Receiver application. Once the project was successfully awarded, the project expanded to include Johnson & Johnson’s brand.