About The Founder

I am J ‘Austin’ Hughes. A technology innovation leader with over 16 years of experience in delivering one-of-a-kind solutions using the latest technologies. I have traveled throughout the United States and internationally to acquire new clients and speak about how the latest technologies are applicable to specific industries. With over 100 solutions for dozens of industries including banking, financial planning, athletics, fashion, fire fighting, counselling, media production, manufacturing, gaming, etc. This website showcases some of the latest innovations created by me and my team.


Today, with the new 3D Suit Builder mobile app from My.Suit, customers are in the driver's seat as they design and preview their new personalized suit in real-time. This groundbreaking new mobile application allows customers to easily navigate options and quickly see their choices in 3D, all in one screen. View More >>

Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain, an industry leading recreational and military harness manufacturer, has developed a 3D mobile application for their top-of-the-line military climbing harness titled ISH (Integrated Stealth Harness). The outcome is an app that provides users the ability to view their customized harness in 3D before it’s hand stitched together at their folksy factory in the Appalachian mountains. View More >>

Johnson & Johnson

The next time you walk down the medicine isle, you might find it a lot easier to locate the correct medicine for your symptoms. Johnson & Johnson developed the first location activated medical aisle assistant using the bluetooth in our mobile devices. View More >>


Parents in the Middle East are soon to breathe a sigh of relief. The recent death of two students left on buses during the mid-summer heat has sparked much national interest and press on what can be done to ensure the safety of children as they move throughout their school day. MasterCard has developed the world's first Bluetooth Student Tracking Application. View More >>